The fruit processing plant at MFPL is Completely automated. Fruits are washed by agitating in a water tank and carried on by a roller conveyor to the inspection area, where blemished fruit and sticking material is removed. The fruits are then heat treated in the scolder of debaters at 70 deg C. This removes the bitter element from the skin of the fruits. These fruits are again inspected and damaged fruit parts and stems are removed. At the cutting table fruits are cut into pieces to facilitate destining of the fruit. The elevator, then carries the fruit to the destoner feeder. The destoner removes the seed and a major portion of the skin. The coarse pulp ins then heated at 70-75 deg c to facilitate decanting and inactivating the enzymes. The pulp thus obtained is stored in storage tanks which feeds the pulp into the sterilizer. After sterilization the pulp is pumped into aseptic fillers to fill into aseptic bags.


The Storage tanks are quality check-points where samples are collected for testing in the laboratory. The plant is equipped with modern lab facilities to carry out chemical, organoleptic logical tests. The processing area conforms to the HACCP standards.






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