MFPL follows the aseptic packaging technology, which is widely accepted in the Food Process industry. It has a high quality packaging approved by the HACCP. The aseptic bags used by MFPL are imported from Dani, Australia, The company is a leader in manufacturing aseptic bags and the rig Hyshield 45 supplied by Dani has an additional layer of aluminum foil, which seats the aroma of the fruit in the bags. This conforms to the USFDA regulations. All the pulp is aseptically filled into multi valve aseptic bags, which is turn is packed in laminated aluminum foil or metallized polymer. The net content in each bag will vary as per the brix difference of the fruit. The filled bags are placed in painted MS drums and sealed. Each drum is made using a twenty gauge mild steel.


The drums are placed singly on the floor of the container. As per customer specification, four drums can also be held by a wooden palette made out of scrap wood. While this would incur a marginal increase in the cost of packaging, it makes it easy to lift the drums using a forklift. Twenty paletters are packed in one container. Total quantity in a 20 container is approx. 17.2 metric tons.




Fruit Pulp
Mango : 215 Kgs(474 pounds/55 Us gallons) (Alphanso, Totapuri, Raspuri)
Guava : 210 Kgs (463 pounds/54 Us gallons) (White & pink)
Grape : 210 Kgs (463 pounds/ 54 Us gallons)(Blue – Black)
Papaya : 210 Kgs (463 pounds/54 Us gallons)
Pineapple : 210 Kgs (463 pounds/54 US gallons)

Fruit Conentration
Mango :

228 Kgs (501.5 pounds/ 58.2 US gallons) (Alphanso, Totapuri, Raspuri)

Guava :

224 Kgs (493 pounds / 57 US gallons ) (White & pink)

Grape :

224 Kgs (493 pounds/ 57 US gallons) (Blue – Black)

Papaya : 224 Kgs (493 pounds/ 57 Us gallons)
Pineapple : 210 Kgs (493 pounds/ 57 Us gallons


Besides aseptic bags, the products are also packed in this, in the case of aseptic bag packing, the ingredients are heated and then cooled before packing, This helps in retaining the color and flavor. While in the case of tin/can packing, the ingredients are heated and packed in hot conditions.


The Packing configuration for tin packing is as below :

3.1 kg per tin
6 tins per carton
1000 cartons per container


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