"Mysore Fruit Products Ltd. (MFPL) Established in 1957, has grown from strength to strength to emerge as a major supplier of processed fruit products. Having established an extensive domestic and overseas market in fruit pulp,Gherkins, MFPL is also active in the exports of tissue culture and oil extracts from plants used form medicine and cosmetic products.

MFPL's theree high-tech, aseptic processing and packaging plant at Banglore, Veerasandra and Bagalur are well equipped with avant-grade infrastructure to facilitate fruitful operations.


Due to excellent manufacturing systems and qulity control measures, MFPL has become synonymous with products of high standards. The pulp is packed in aseptic bags using the latest technology in packaging systems. The company has boosted its capacity to 8 tons per hour of pulp and 3 tons per hour of concentrate by installing an Italian processing plant using the latest asep technology. The plant located in Bangalore, India , is built on an area covering 1.5 million sq.ft.

To cater to the growing demand in the international market, MFPL has extednded its arm in the US and Europe.


MFPL has been approved by the following.
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point systems )
ISO 9002 Certified by DNV of Netherlands for its manufacturing standards.
Kosher Certification for its standards and procedures

To cater the additional requirements in domestic market MFPL group company came out with 

 is playing and active role in areas of purchase, production, packing and marketing of various items and today the company is one of the biggest manufactures and exporters of food products is domestic market.


Items cornered and NFPL with a Brand Name : ‘MYCAN

» Jams: Mixed Fruit Jams
» Juices : Mango , Guava, Grape, Apple
» Tomato Sauce & Catch up
» Chuntks: Mango, Pineapple
» Tidbits, Pickles, jellys, vegetables and Grains, Gherkins


NFPL is catering to the Defense Supplies since decades. Defense Authority has certified the Unit for its Best Quality. As a testimony to our unflinching commitment to quality, Our products meet F.D.A. (USA), S.G.F ( Europe), the Codex and FPO standards. NFPL is also Certified for HACCP system & ISO 2001.


"Harness the power of technology... Gather the bounties of naturee... to partner clients in their endeavour... targeting always to surpass their expectation of us."

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